Tenant Check Out

What To Do...

If we have been asked by your letting agent to check you out for the rental property you occupy, we will email you and suggest a time and day for the check out, if you move out earlier than that date you can return keys to your letting agent for us to collect.


We will ask you to confirm the Day and Time of the booking , if it’s more convenient for you we could use the agent management keys for access if you are working or not around for the appointment but let me know as we will need to check they hold management keys first of course…

For check out to happen and to minimize deductions please ensure the following happen:


Any cleaning to be fully completed.

The #1 reason agents and landlords make deductions from deposits is for lack of or poor cleaning, if you require end of tenancy professional cleaners or require waste removal then call our cleaners direct for a quote they offer full tenancy support such as professional movers etc and cover your postcode area:
020 7846 0490

Keys & Furniture

Any furniture returned to the original room for furnished properties, as some agents charge to move furniture back to it’s original place.

All tenant possessions be vacated from the property. All issued keys to be returned at the commencement of check out unless they have been returned to the agent prior to check out.

Supporting information

We will also ask you to provide the following information.

Any professional cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning or garden maintenance invoice if you have such (this can avoid any potential dispute with the landlord)

Your forwarding address to be able to close off the check out so the managing agent can deal with your deposit (this is so the landlord has a forwarding address should any notices or fines be issued such as parking tickets or unpaid utility bills be set to the property)

Who you used as utilities suppliers for Gas and Electric so the managing agent can inform the new tenant who to contact if they wish to continue using those suppliers when they move in.

A big thank you…

All of the above helps us get your check out back to the agent in the fastest possible time so they can deal with your deposit return, so a huge thank you in advance from out little team…