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The check-in report is normally ready for the tenant before they even get keys, if we have enough notice of the booking, there is nothing for you to do as a Landlord apart from providing access and the tenant's details, we do everything for you.

What's in reports:

  • Locations and readings with pictures of all accessible meters
  • All issued/returned keys, fobs and parking permits are recorded, a landlord compliance report is included for FREE listing the location of each smoke and Co2 alarm, the date tested and a picture of each alarm.
  • Each room has a 'whole room' 360 virtual image
  • Each report has up to 200 high definition downloadable images
  • The cleaning and decorative condition is recorded in details through the entire report.
  • Check-in reports allow tenants for up to 7 days to add comments which must be supported with a picture and sign off the report online.
  • Checkout reports come with side by side 'before' and 'after' pictures and comments for comparison.
  • Checkout reports come with a FREE list of tenant liabilities so it's easy to make deductions for the deposit to cover damage etc.
  • Checkout reports come with a FREE list of maintenance issues so it's easy to see if anything requires attention.

There is no way out for tenants at checkout as everything is fully recorded at check-in.

*nb a second reception counts as an additional bedroom

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